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The World Index of Social and Environmental Responsibility (WISER) will serve the gathering of humanity that is forming around the globe to address poverty, climate change, pollution, globalization, resource issues, hunger, in short, the political, economic, and ecological problems that affect us all. The people and organizations confronting these issues are building blocks of a different world.

Collectively, this drive for a sustainable and just existence can be called a “movement” even though it does not have a name. It is manifest in three types of institutions: public benefit organizations (NGOs and non-profits) that collectively comprise the largest social movement in human history; socially responsible businesses that are creating practices that are permeating all of commerce; and responsive local, state, and national governments who are embracing sustainability as the key to a better life for their citizens.

WISER works to help this unnamed movement become better connected and more effective. We are creating dynamic, open-source, community-based platforms for people and organizations to enable more communication and collaboration. These are the WISER platforms: WiserEarth, WiserBusiness, and WiserGovernment.

WiserEarth promotes social change by empowering the largest and fastest growing movement in the world ? the hundreds of thousands of organizations and individuals within civil society that address social justice, poverty, and the environment. WiserEarth provides tools to help people and groups find each other, collaborate, share resources and build alliances. WiserEarth.org

WiserBusiness, in early development, will be an open source knowledge base upon which a global standard for responsible business behavior can be founded and cared for by the wider community. It will hone and standardize the criteria determining responsible business behavior, link customers’ social and environmental priorities directly to companies via consumer feedback and company evaluation mechanisms, and supply companies with the latest solutions.

Wiser Government will follow the same guidelines as Earth and Business but will be tailored to the interests of local, state, and national governments and their staffs.







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