Which Trail Camera Brand Has the Advance Features?


Which Trail Camera Brand Has the Advance FeaturesTrail camera popularity among hunters, video shooters, and other users has attracted many companies to developing different trail camera brands. These cameras come with different features and adventures.

You may need to know which trail camera brand has the advance features. This will ease your selection as you seek to purchase a perfect trail camera. At the same time, you will be able to purchase a more durable trail camera to serve you for a longer time.

The Stealth Cam G30 IR Trail Camera (8MP) has been termed as the best trail camera in the year 2016 according to besttrailcamerareviews.org. Its features have been regularly updated and enhanced to suit all the activities that are done using a trail camera. Some of its features include;

a) Megapixels

Which Trail Camera Brand Has the Advance FeaturesIt is an 8MP enhanced trail camera. Thus, it is able to produce quality photographs and also videos. The camera has solid images taken during the day. Also, it has clear and clean nighttime photos. At the same time, it is able to take clear and detailed photographs inclusive of everything that is on its sight. This makes it reliable for hunter and researchers who needs all the details about the camera placement location.

b) Trigger Speed with a G30 Trigger

As soon as this trail camera detects any movements, it acts fast to take a photograph. Also, it starts to rotate in a smooth motion which enhances it to take a comprehensive video about the animal or any other thing that it has detected.

c) 80 Feet Detection Range and 30 IR Emitter

The camera has a strong detection range which can cover a distance as far as 80 feet. Thus, as you look forward to conduct a successful hunting or any other purpose, the camera can help you to cover a larger distance. In turn, you will have increased efficiency.

d) Fast Recovery Time

Which Trail Camera Brand Has the Advance FeaturesAfter taking a flash, this trail camera only takes less than 10 seconds before getting ready for the next shot. This is unlike the previous cameras which took over 20 seconds before taking the next shot. This is enhanced by enough memory capacity which stores the photos and videos taken in a short time. The camera has a SD Card slot and a 32 GB SD Card.

e) Durable Batteries

The camera has 8 AA lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are designed to last for over 4 months before being changed or recharged. This increases the efficiency of the camera in the same location as you do not have to regularly change its batteries. Also, you do not have to interfere with the camera system during recharging or batteries’ replacement. This increases its durability. It has a battery-ejecting button which enables you to easily change the batteries without interfering with other parts.

f) Quick and Easy Set Slider

The camera is enhanced with easy and simple setup changes. You can easily put the camera in action easily without necessarily making many different changes. It has automated systems which make it able to take photos and videos, send them to storage, and then get back to action.


As you seek to change your trail camera experience today, go for the Stealth Cam G30 IR Trail Camera (8MP). The camera with a considerably affordable price of $100 and you can easily purchase it online. Also, the camera is designed to last for long time without any maintenance demands.