What Type of Telescope Should Astronomer Buy?


What Type of Telescope Should Astronomer BuyStar gazing is fun to do, especially in the countryside. However, it is still possible to glimpse the night sky with a good telescope. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this and they have chosen the wrong telescope. One should never rush through buying a telescope. Although it might cost a bit extra, the advantages will be worth it.

What to Expect

When people develop an interest in astronomy, they do so by viewing images on the web or in books. As a result, they have huge expectations. Unfortunately, an ordinary telescope cannot see such wonders. One would need a space-based telescope to see some of these images.

However, there is still a lot one can see with a telescope. For instance, the contours of the moon become much clearer when one is using a telescope. There are also other things such planets and meteors to be seen with such a telescope. If one is lucky, they may even see a comet.

What Features Should one Consider?

What Type of Telescope Should Astronomer BuyAperture is the main consideration of any telescope. It is the part that is used to gather light. As a result, one can discern any objects in the night sky that emit light. Doubling that aperture size normally quadruples the telescope’s light gathering ability. As a result, this is not something to be taken lightly. Faint galaxies become much bright and reveal a bit more detail.

Glass quality is also important when purchasing the telescope. If the lenses are made of a low-quality material, most of the light will disperse. It will make it hard to see any objects clearly. It is important and could make a telescope useless if the quality is too poor.

Types of Telescopes Available

  • A Refractor Telescope

It is the telescope that most people know about. The telescope is fitted with a convex lens at the one end for gathering light. The images are viewed through the other end of the telescope. These types of telescopes are one of the best telescopes when it comes to providing high quality images. However, they can also be quite expensive from an ordinary person.

  • Reflecting Telescope

This kind of telescope relies on a concave mirror. The mirror gathers light, which is sent to the eyepiece through reflection. It is quite easy to construct. As a result, beginners love it. It is because it can be quite cheap. However, one should check the price against the quality before making a purchase.

  • Catadioptric Telescope

This telescope is a modified form of the reflecting telescope. The telescope design allows it to be quite compact. It is a great telescope for those who like to travel a lot. The telescope can also be quite cheap. However, this telescope is susceptible to dew. One needs to watch out for this when using it. The telescope can form some of the worst images if the astronomer does not handle it correctly.


Star gazing requires very little skill. However, the equipment must be of great quality. For budding astronomers, using binoculars might not be a bad idea. It helps one to learn if they want to invest their money into astronomy.