Is Pressure Cooking Technology Healthy?


Is Pressure Cooking Technology HealthyPressure cooking technology has been embraced by many people today. Apart from being fast and economical, there are many healthy reasons that are associated pressure cooking. This makes it a better choice thanother cooking means.

How is pressure cooking technology healthy? There are several reasons that explain why this cooking technology is healthy. These include;

a) Over 90 Percent Nutrients Retention

Most of the cooking methods used are associated with nutrients loss. The nutrients loss occurs by over cooking, excess heat, direct fires, and also through burning of some food parts. Many foods such as vegetables and protein-rich foods usually lose vitamins and minerals or get denatured as a result of over-cooking. With the reduced content of nutrients in many foods currently, cooking with other methods means little or no nutrients to the body.

However, if you consider pressure cooking technology, chances are that, you will get your food and all the nutrients in totality. Pressure cooker cooks foods with the right amount of heat that cannot denature or destroy food nutrients.

b) Complete Cooked Food

Is Pressure Cooking Technology HealthyFoods such as proteins and some vegetables are dangerous if not properly cooked. They retain some compounds and substances which, if uncooked, can result to diseases and other conditions in the human body.

Pressure cooking technology, on the other hand, provides heat to reach the most interior parts of foods. At the same time, it does not include flames which are associated with cooking the outer parts of food. This leads to fully cooked nutrients which are healthy and rich for body use.

c) Improves Food Digestibility

It allows for all the nutrients, and especially vitamins and minerals, to be taken into the body through complete nutrients retention in foods. Vitamins and minerals aids in making enzymes and other important components used in food digestibility.

Also, pressure cooking is able to change even the toughest foods such as meat and other fiber foods to become soft. This makes it easy for them to be digested in the stomach.

d) Pressure Cooking Reduces the Amount of Unhealthy Compounds in the Foods

Some of these compounds include HCAs, Phytic Acids, and Acryl-amide. Pressure cooking detoxifies these compounds through complete cooking. This makes it safe for you to use your foods without fear of food poisoning.

Pressure cooking breaks down the molecules of food using favorable and efficient heat. Other cookers usually fail to breakdown all the molecules of food. Some breaks the food molecules but also destroy its nutrients. This, in turn, makes the food unable to help the body as required.

For instance, many people tend to soak grains such as legumes before cooking them in order to reduce phytic acid. A research was done to note the effectiveness of pressure cooker in reducing the available unhealthy compounds in food. It was found that, after soaking and cooking with other means, phytic acid was reduced by 28.5%. Using the pressure cooker, it was reduced by 60%. This proved the effectiveness of pressure cooking technology in making food less harmful and healthier.


Pressure cooking technology was invented many years ago. However, it became popular in the recent years. Its healthy benefits in producing complete cooked food and also its nutrients retention have got many people shifting to use it for cooking. At the same time, pressure cooking saves energy and time, this can help you to save a few coins. As a result, you can be able to purchase more nutritious foods or preserve the saved money for other purposes.