Facts of Sleep Sensing Headphone Technology


Facts of Sleep Sensing Headphone TechnologyThere are many sleep tracking technologies. However, none of them comes closer to sleep tracking headphones. These headphones use sensors that help to determine if one is asleep or awake. It can have many benefits for the human body. Sleep is as important as physical exercise. Failure to get enough of it can lead to dire consequences.

How Do They Work?

The headphones were originally supposed to release in 2015. However, that was delayed to September 2016. It is because the company had been seeking for funding from Kickstarter. Their campaign was so successful that they decided to make upgrades. It may be the reason they delayed the release of the headphones. People should expect high-quality headphones when they are shipped in September.

The headphones work just like other headphones. However, with time, they lower the volume. It happens when the wearer begins to fall asleep. When one is finally asleep, the headphones switch off all the music. In addition to turning off, the music they also guard the ears against noise. As a result, one can have enough rest without being startled by the sound of a moving vehicle outside. In addition, they have a partner who deals in active noise cancellation. It will help to get rid of any external noise.

They use a form fitting material. The heat from the head activates the material. It helps to ensure that they fit comfortably onto the wearer.

The App

The headphones come with an accompanying app. The app is linked to a digital library full of relaxing music. The music is played in a way as to help one fall into deep sleep. Deep slumber is important in keeping one alert during the day. It has been found to help people perform better and be more creative in their work.

As the sleep cycle progresses, one will experience a reduction in the noise levels of the music. Eventually, it will become nothing more than a whisper until it fades into oblivion. By this time, one should be well asleep. If the headphones sense that one is losing sleep, they will again help to soothe the wearer back to sleep.

How Do They Detect Sleep?

Facts of Sleep Sensing Headphone Technology

The headphones use EEG technology. It is a trusted method used in detecting sleep patterns. The app has been designed with input from experts who understand EEG. The EEG sensors are located in the arc of the headphones. They are very effective in detecting the sleep patterns.
What to Expect

The company has had to redesign the headphones. With the amount of money, they have raised they can afford to do this. They have also increased the amount of testing they conduct on their headphones. That has meant they have had to release many prototypes for testing. Customers should thus expect headphones that are of high quality. These headphones are likely to be a hit all over the world.


The headphones might soon become part of medical treatment. The reason for this is that the science behind them is quite solid. The designers do not want to disappoint all that have made these headphones a reality.