3 Types of Massage Chairs That are Good for Health


A massage is an important part in life after a long day or working hours. You may prefer to have a massage at work especially in the afternoons or after more involving tasks. You may also prefer to have a massage at your home or after your daily tasks and involvements.

Nowadays, you do not have to go to spa for your massage. Instead, all you need is a massage chair either at your home or at your office. However, you need to check the best type of massage chair that is good for health and read massage chair reviews in order to learn about the various types so you can find the best fit for your body type.

Over the years, massage chairs have been constantly refined and improved in an attempt to make them more effective and good for health. The following include the 3 types of massage chairs that are good for health;

1. Traditional Massage Chairs

3 Types of Massage Chairs That are Good for HealthThese were the earliest forms of massage chair. The chairs are limited to zero any motions. They were only fitted with couched which are soft to touch and relaxing too. Unlike the massage chairs which followed, these chairs do not conducting massage. They only offer a relaxing position for you to sit on while a therapist acts on your body to massage you. During massage, you sit on these chairs in different positions. A therapist can then conduct massage on your body.

Thus, these massage chairs are free of motions and auto-programs which offer massage automatically.

2. Robotic Massage Chairs

3 Types of Massage Chairs That are Good for HealthThe robotic massage chairs were designed and refined from the traditional massage chairs enhanced with technology. These chairs imitate the massage that is offered by a therapist. Thus, with such a massage chair, you do not to have the help of a therapist in order to have your massage.

The chairs have recliners which detect the pressure points of different body parts. The recliners produce the hands and finger movements which is effective for a massage. The chair offers different types of massage such as; back roller massage, heat therapy, air massage, and foot reflexology. Furthermore, many robotic massage chairs are fitted with; MP3 music player, stretching systems, auto-program systems, and also vibration systems. These increase the quality of massage by causing relaxation and effective relieve from pain, tension, and stress.

You can have your own robotic massage at your home or office. Thus, you do not have to go to the spa for a massage from a therapist. This makes the robotic massage chair good for health.

3. Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

3 Types of Massage Chairs That are Good for HealthThese remains to be the lately refined and improved massage chairs available today. As technology advances, more refinement of the robotic massage chair was done to come out with these chairs.

The chair enhanced with a system that easily change its position. It can lift up the body in the head-up and leg-down or legs-up and head-down motions regarding the level of heart. It can also balance the body in the air. This is the reason why the chair is known as zero gravity massage chair.

The chair has rollers, air bags, vibration systems, and heat pads. These systems are designed to ease pains, tensions, and aches. The chair offers 3 dimensions (3D) massage. The 3D massage involves up/down, left/right, and in/out motions. These motions are effective for back massage.


Technology advancement on different massage chair types leads to a higher level of effectiveness of the massage. However, it might not be similar taste for everyone. There are some people who do not find robotic or the zero gravity massage chairs effective despite their technological advancements. Thus, it is important that you go for the chair that suits your massage needs and which is good for your health.