3 Most Effective Plans to Secure Your Home


Burglars, intruders, and even animals are a potential risk to home security. Thus, it is always important to ensure that your home is secure and free from trespassing or intrusion. Therefore, developing an effective plan to secure your home is a priority.

However, with the recent failure of many security systems and plans, many people have been left wondering on the effective security plans that they should opt for. Whereas there are many different effective plans to establish home security, many people are still not informed about them. As a result, many go for ineffective and non-viable means which makes their homes even more prone to trespassing and burglary activities. Thus, this is a simple guide with the 3 most effective plans to secure your home;

a) Installing a Home Alarm System

3 Most Effective Plans to Secure Your Home

Previously, people used dogs, guards, and traps keep away burglars, intruders, and animals. However, burglars and intruders are nowadays able to manipulate guards and dogs. At the same time, they have systems which are able to unset traps and other simple security systems fitted at homes. Thus, a change in home security plan today is a felt need.

Fitting an alarm at your home is more effective than previous means. Present alarms are designed to have smartphone applications and other notifications systems. Thus, they send notifications in case a visitor or a trespasser is noted. Other alarms have sensors which detect heat, loud noises, and bright light. This keeps your home safe from fires and other dangers too. Therefore, installing a home alarm system is an effective plan to ensure home security.

b) Video Surveillance or Video Intercom Systems

3 Most Effective Plans to Secure Your Home

These 2 systems depend on the videos and images to maintain security at home. They are fitted on the gates, over fences, or on the doors and windows. These systems are connected and controlled via applications on computers or smartphones.

A video surveillance system spends the entire day and night watching over your home and recording all what happens. In case you note any difference or missing items, you can consult the video surveillance system to track when anything happened and who is responsible. Thus, you can proceed to local authorities for help.

A video intercom system lets you see the person at your door or gate. By then, you are able to allow or suspend permission for them to access your home. The system notifies you on the presence of a person or an animal at the door or gate. It can be connected to computer or mobile phone.

c) Password Locks or Electric Deadbolt Locks

3 Most Effective Plans to Secure Your Home

You can also consider installing locks which are enhanced with passwords or strong effective systems. This allows access to only the permissible persons and not to intruders. Always make sure that your password or security pattern is known to you or your family members only. Also, be sure to find locks which have been reviewed and confirmed by many to effective.


Technology takes all dimensions in its trend for advancement. Thus, in your search for the most effective plan to secure your home; do not go for the traditional methods that have, over the time, been mastered and outwitted by burglars, trespassers, and animals. Find a new and an updated technology enhanced security system that will be effective for you.